The Matrix Trailer

The Matrix, the most incredible movie, truly qualifies as fantastic. Enigmatic and explosively inventive it scores at so many levels with the mind-blowing cinematography, cool-sexy styling and the rhythm of the story-telling. It remains my all-time favourite film. From the martial arts action to the ‘bullet time’ filming, the precise slicing of  worlds and the edgy acting that made Keanu Reeves seem like a great actor to the deconstruction of our entire world, this became a film against which all other fantastic films must be judged.

Inevitably it’s hard to replicate the scale of success of this first movie, but I also enjoyed the much criticized follow-ups for different reasons so I’ll post these later. The animated shorts, Animatrix, are also worth a look for their imaginative extensions of the world of Matrix so again, I’ll feature these too in another post.

Thank you Andy and Larry Wachowaki, creators, directors and writers of The Matrix.