Short film: No Escape

Short film: No EscapeHave you seen the magnificent fanzine site SF Signal? I often check out their book cover stories and new book reviews, but I had not taken their short films as seriously as I should. Big mistake! They are fantastic, 2-6 minutes of tasty cinematic exploration. As sample here’s No Escape, which appeared a while ago, but it stands out as a gripping, terrific short. SF Signal seemed to source this from first which is a moving-image heavy site, packed with some awesome sf, fantasy and adventure material.

Anyway, here’s the short film, directed by Dan Trachtenberg with Danielle Raine as the lead and Inception’s Mike Zarin composing the score. It’s based on the PC/Mac video Game The Portal (by the Valve Corporation). When you’ve looked at the video here, look out for the related short films at SF Signal, starting with the Scanner.

The thumbnail at the head of this post is a screen grab from the film.

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