Concepts | Waves of Time

Universe of Time. Nodes and Geometry

One of several new graphics designed to explain core concepts used in the forthcoming sf and fantasy books by Jake Jackson, particularly concerning the beginnings of the universe, and notions of time and space.

This illustration shows the flow of time events, as nodes across a wave.

The wave of nodes presents a dynamic view of time and space, which moves around our human perception of progressive time events. The wave of time events reveals a superstructure of motion which flips and swirls from the beginnings (in the First Event) over 14 billion years ago, to the edges of the expanding universe now. At the beginning, no notion of time existed, just a state of being not being, a stasis of existence which, once released by the First Event, flowed out in all directions, with all matter, once densely packed together now stretched outwards in time and space.

For those with the sight, either through vision, or purpose, time events can be travelled to and from, in many different sequences, so disorder becomes order.