Concepts | Perceptions of Time

Time nodes shifting on a clock | concepts of Time

Here’s another new graphic designed to explain core concepts used in the forthcoming sf and fantasy books by Jake Jackson, particularly concerning the beginnings of the universe, and notions of time and space.

This illustration show a series of time nodes (or time events) turning on a spindle, operating both as a series of clock mechanisms, and as part of a larger pendulum motion, governed by gravity breaks and an escapement to restrain it in the greater structure of space and time. Each node clicks around, in a pulse of standard time, like the Harrison navigation clocks developed to solve the longitude problem of keeping time whilst navigating across a globe.

It is possible to view such a notion of time as a duality, observing each time event in its place in a procession of moments, and as a pearl of Indra’s Net, where the reflections of all other pearls are embraced within the image of each one, so connecting with all other pearls, simultaneously, back to the beginnings of the universe. Such duality is important to the underlying mechanism of the books in the universe of Hunter, Bain, Ka and others, and allows those with the vision, or the ability to attain it, to travel across the moments, or nodes of time, at will.