Universe of time, as a field, or navigation chart.

Concepts | Field of Time

These are part of a sequence of illustrations to show the hubs, nodes and connections across a field of Time, a concept used in Jake Jackson’s forthcoming sf and fantasy stories in Echoes in Time, Fireflies on a Distant Planet, Fibonacci Rising and Graveyard Planet.

Each node is a moment, a time event. The nodes are connected across two dimensions on paper, in three dimensions of space when seen from within a sphere (the viewpoint of the expanding universe from inside), and, with the addition of Time to four dimensions in the Spacetime Continuum, either at the macro level, or sub atomically.

Whichever way you choose to visualise this concept of Time, freed from the constraints of the progression model of standard time, then travel across all nodes is possible, to any point (or moment) in Space, or Time, from the beginnings of this universe to the edges of expansion, from a dust cloud at the penumbra of Alpha Centuri and the Milky Way galaxies, to a street in Manhattan, or Barcelona, Notting Hill, or the Rift Valley in Kenya.