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From gothic art and fiction to modern writing, illustrators, artists and movies, These Fantastic Worlds offers a dark and fascinating journey from William Blake to H.P. Lovecraft, Brockden Brown to Virgil Finlay, The Avengers to Pan’s Labyrinth with new short tales and fine art by host, Jake Jackson. Essays on Time, an sf and fantasy podcast (called, unsurprisingly, These Fantastic Worlds), and a Top 100 SF and Fantasy book inspiration list, are also featured here, with some occasional thoughts on writing, editing and publishing. There’s lighter fare too, with fantastic quotes by the great and the good of sf and fantasy writing.

And there’s so much more to come, with the launch of my first fiction title, Graveyard Planet, later this year (currently being edited by the keen-eyed Melissa Gray), more paintings, infographics and some dark inklings of myth, magic and murder. The next few months will see the unfolding of the fictional universe of Echoes and Origins which has dominated my creative life for the last 5 years and 5 books so far, juggling themes of fate vs determinism, notions of time, the ancient conflict of gods and demons, and the confluence of memory, dreams and narrative.

Well, it keeps me off the streets.

To whet your appetite, here are some links to the murky corridors of this labyrinthine blog, just a smattering of the many articles worth delving into.

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