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A feast of storytelling, sci-fi and fantasy with elements of magic realism.

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Four Short Tales, Four Dark Secrets.

Hoshiko: each night, the secrets of the stars beckon. Dark Blood: how do you defeat a creature who simply can not die? Bytes: the creature wakes, surrounded by dead bodies. Masks: the welcome at the end of the alley.

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Tales from the beginnings of the universe, its end, and beyond…

Coming in 2017 and 2018

Five titles at various stages of publication.

The scattered remnants of misplaced gods…

Core concepts behind the fiction...

  • Concepts | Schopenhauer's Will

    Schopenhauer constructed a theory about the motivation and momentum in all beings and matter that requires no sensation or prime entity but simply ‘is’. More here.

  • Concepts | Fibonacci Patterns

    The Fibonacci sequence can be found in many aspects of life. Based on Phi it expresses a fundamental relationship between numbers and shapes in the universe. More here.

  • Concepts | Indra's Net

    A dynamic view of time based on the ancient notion of Indra’s Net as a metaphor for the transcendental nature of existence, with each node connected. More here.

  • Concepts | Field of Time

    Whichever way you choose to visualise this concept of Time, then travel across all nodes is possible, to any point (or moment) in Space, or Time. More here.

  • Concepts | Time as a Wave

    Core concepts used in sf and fantasy books Jake Jackson concerning the beginnings of the universe, and notions of time and space. This shows time as a wave. More here.

  • Concepts | Gravity Pulls at Time

    Gravity twists the nodes of Time, showing where the demons and the Gods have fallen.. More here.

With humanity and the hybrids spread across the galaxies...

Existence threatened by the subtle, shifting darkness.