Top 100 Sf and Fantasy. Conan. Robert E Howard, These Fantastic Worlds

100 Top SF & F Books. Conan the Conqueror. Robert E. Howard

Conan: adventurer, mercenary, reaver, butcher of wizards and demons, in this short paperback we meet him late in life, as King of Aquilonia, his rule threatened by dark forces beyond the understanding of humankind. Howard delivers Conan’s trademark taciturnity, a warrior who doesn’t think or emote too much, but acts decisively and lustily. This was my first introduction to the gritty …

Only Connect: J. Allen St. John

J. Allen St. John was a fine golden age illustrator of fantastic worlds, early adventure fantasy and science fiction. He is most famous for his Tarzan and John Carter of Mars art for Edgar Rice Burrough’s (ERB’s) famous work in novel and pulp magazine form but his influences include Roy G. Krenkel and the imperious Frank Frazetta and he lived through one of the most poerful periods of change in human cultural history.