Only Connect: J. Allen St. John

J. Allen St. John was a fine golden age illustrator of fantastic worlds, early adventure fantasy and science fiction. He is most famous for his Tarzan and John Carter of Mars art for Edgar Rice Burrough’s (ERB’s) famous work in novel and pulp magazine form but his influences include Roy G. Krenkel and the imperious Frank Frazetta and he lived through one of the most poerful periods of change in human cultural history.

Modern Artists: Roy G Krenkel

The naturalistic illustrations of Roy Krenkel (1918–1983) graced the covers of early fantasy paperbacks of Edgar Rice Burroughs and many others. He inspired a young Frank Frazetta (1928–2010) and, later, Jeffrey Catherine Jones (born Jeffrey Durwood Jones 1944–2011). The illustrations here, of ERB's great hero, Tarzan, show the similarity of their powerful styles. Of course they worked in commercial, graphic…