Frankenstein by Jeffrey Catherine Jones

Jeff Jones, artist, Jeffrey Catherine Jones, Frankenstein

Frankenstein painting © by Jeffrey Catherine Jones

Jeffrey Catherine Jones (January 10, 1944-May 19, 2011), known as Jeff Jones when she first came to prominence, was an exquisite, fluid and much under-rated artist.

Friend and associate of Bernie Wrightson, Michael Kaluta and Barry Windsor Smith (collectively they were The Studio in the late 70s, made famous by their incredible book, see here for more information), Jeff was a uniquely gifted artist who expressed himself through the medium of comic art and sword and sorcery paperback covers (ERB, Lin Carter etc), before making a determined turn to fine art in later years. By all accounts Jeff suffered from anxiety and depression before undergoing hormone therapy in 1998 and adopting the name Catherine at the age of 55.

As with many others, I had a brief Facebook association and watched in awe as she uploaded a series of fantastic images in the last years of her life. This particular image (called ‘Frankenstein’s Monster Descends the Steps To the Laboratory’ and seems to be undated), with its misfit subject, distant perspective, sense of loneliness and the proximity of the main figure to an ambiguous exit perhaps reflects much of Jones’ own state of mind. Her later work features beautifully rendered single figures in various states of lament or melancholy in a style that sits somewhere between the brittleness of Klimt and the loose power of Frank Frazetta. As you can see, I’m a real fan. There are many other examples of Jeff’s work here.