Writer’s Journal: Character Sketches 01

Hunter and Bain. These Fantastic Worlds. Flintlock. Venice.There are many different ways into a new story. This time I decided to draw the main characters and some of their items for a fantastic new tale. Hunter and Bain feature in a number of stories, but this one is the end of a linear time sequence, so I’m trying to keep the exposition down to a bare minimum which helps the mystery of the narrative and allows a swifter flow of action.

I’ve been exploring some horror and steampunk themes recently so discovering a Venetian flintlock set me onto a new path. At some point I hope to make some images available as part of the promotion for the books, or integrated into the books themselves. I’m undecided because I prefer to build word pictures and engage with readers to create worlds together rather than be overtly prescriptive.

Anyway, here’s a simple infographic on how to turn a pencil sketch into a simple digital painting. It’s helped me clarify my approach and might be of some interest.

Digital Art, Step by Step, steampunk pistol

Writing Tips

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Do you have any other strategies for creating characters? I’d be interested in your comments.