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Fiction: under the collective theme of These Fantastic Worlds, 2020 and 2021 will see the publication of a series of short stories, six short novels and the first book in the Echoes Trilogy, Echoes in Time, to be published through iTunes, Kobo, Nook and Amazon. The first book has been edited, and covers selected so I’ll be releasing a limited covers soon. I hope the launch of the series will include a pen and ink illustrated special edition of the epic poem Bound and Unbound. Have also started These Fantastic Worlds, an SF and Fantasy Podcast, based on a weekly ink illustrate and 1000 word micro-fiction.

Echoes and Origins, © 2014 Jake JacksonArtI’m in the middle of a long series of largish acrylic paintings on the theme of Origins, working in the same territory as my genre fiction. There will be occasional blogs showing progress. The first 8 are now finished, with more on their way. I’m planning an exhibition of paintings later in 2021. Some of my art is available on Society 6, for prints, phone cases etc.

Ink illustration and Podcast. During 2015, I created a series of 30 sf and fantasy fiction podcasts, These Fantastic Worlds. These can be found on this website. I hope to revive the series in the next few months.

Poetry: three verse poems form the structure of Echoes in Time, but in 2019 two short publications of haiku will be published online and in ebook format. Maybe. I’ve made them, but not sure how they fit in with everything else.

Music: 2012 saw an EP of 5 flamenco inspired pieces, Jakesongs. 2013–2018 was seriously fallow on the music front, although I’m writing a series of new tracks, Music for Writing hopefully for 2020.

Music books: I also create how-to music books for Flame Tree, recent books include Left Hand Guitar Chords Made Easy book and a Ukulele Chords title, although there’s a Beginners Guide to Reading Music, Songwriter’s Rhyming Dictionary and Piano Chords books amongst the many others to feast on! You can find these on Amazon, or any decent bookstore (Amazon author link). You can find our more on Jake Jackson Music.

Books on Myth and Legend: I’ve edited a series of books on world mythologies, from Native American, to Celtic and Norse (Amazon author link).

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      Haha, thank you! Am close to posting the first few in the Only Connect series, with Futurism in art, music and literature. One on Debussy’s exploits in atonality is ready but I’m trying to find the right way of offering the audio files on the blog. All very interesting (to me at least!). Thanks for stopping by…

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      Hi, many thanks for taking the time to look through the site. There’s plenty more to come, from 2015 sf and fantasy movies, to Blake and the Gothic, and more short story podcasts.

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