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These Fantastic Worlds and beyond!

All things sf, fantasy, speculative and generally fantastic. From album covers to new fiction, great blogs to movie trailers, classic artists (Alphonse Mucha, Gustave Dore) to modern masters (Frazetta, Barry Windsor Smith, Jeff Jones, Bernie Wrightson, Whelan). Oh, and a few superheroes thrown in too!


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  1. First, Firefox lets me LIKE one post, only to think this is a click jacking the next. Oh, Blake would have hated the distractions of the WW Web but loved meeting other thought leaders and artisits (I think). We get the goodies + tons of weirdos, eh?

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      Oh yes, meeting so many different people and communities. Impossible just a few years ago. Thanks for the Blake mention (particular favourite of mine): I think he met most of his friends in that vast prophetic imagination of his. I’m sure he would have loved the machinations of the internet.

      1. Perhaps Blake would have loved the whirl of the spinning World Wide Web. As a writer, its siren call often overwhelms. Then I turn to a draft and revise in solitude. Once again, thanks for finding my blog and leaving a trail back to yours.

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