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Jake JacksonSF and dark fantasy author but also a writer/creator of over 30 how-to music books – Beginner’s Guide to Reading Music, Guitar Chords, Piano and Keyboard ChordsSongwriter’s Rhyming DictionaryPlay the Guitar Made Easy. Other publications include Advanced Guitar Chords, Advanced Piano Chords, Chords for KidsHow to Play the Electric Guitar, Reading Music Made Easy and Scales and Modes (Amazon author page here). Released EP Jakesongs on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer etc and on CDBaby.

With a lifelong passion for fantastic worlds of any kind, from movies to fiction, cosmology and art to music, posters, album and paperback book covers I also have special interests which include various social and cultural turning points of human history, including the early 3rd Millennium BCE, the 1800s, early 1900s, 1960s and 2000s when broad cultural and technological revolutions feasted on the body of the status quo. Many of the posts in this blog highlight these themes, with a particular emphasis on the gothic, fantastic, scientific and supernatural.

Jake Jackson, Jakesongs album coverI’ve been in a number of bands, including Slice, The Harmonics, Starbank and continue to study Flamenco. Although I have a range of fine guitars (a battered 1977 Fender strat, Rickenbacker 360, Westone Thunder bass, Rondriguez flamenco cutaway and several others) my other favourite musical instruments are Sibelius and Logic Pro. My son is a jazz trumpeter, my daughter is studying for her grade 8 piano.

Twitter: jakejackson451 FacebookTheseFantasticWorlds (for the SF and fantasy podcast), Pinterest: jakejackson451

A while ago, I joined society6 with an online store for some of my paintings and illustrations for prints, cards and iPhone cases. Still exploring, but seems productive.

The companion websites to this blog are:

Jake Jackson Art which focuses on my abstract expressionist acrylic art.

Jake Jackson Music which focuses on my music books and album.

Jake Jackson is a long term creative pseudonym of Nick Wells.

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  1. Thanks for the follow on the crazy and very weird world of Twitter. I have had a quick browse through your site and will be looking a lot more deeply later tonight as I love what I see. It is fantastic!

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  3. I was hoping, if you liked the writing, that you’d post the Prologue in your fantasy podcast and I could share it with my readers 🙂

    If you really liked it, I was perhaps hoping that you might consider making the audio recording for the novel. But only if you really, *really* liked it. You know that feeling when you can barely finish your cereal, you’re so excited to read the next chapter of *that* fantasy novel? D’ya know, Jake?

  4. Hi Jake, nice to meet you!

    I’m a studant of math in Brazil and I met your blog looking for images related to fibonacci sequence. I wonder if I can use the image you created in this article (https://thesefantasticworlds.com/concepts-fibonacci-patterns/) to develop a logo that will be used by the math course at the university where I study?

    Your work is incredible and very interesting.


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      Hi, Thanks for asking, that’s much appreciated, and thanks too for the kind words. Certainly, please do use the image if you can find a way of adding a credit line and link to thesefantasticworlds.com website. I’d love to see the final version. Very best wishes, Jake

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